About us

Hello, We are enthralled by knowing that you are curious about us. THANKS A LOT!!!

Pi Haat is an online store of jewellery, handbag and accessories. We started Pi Haat in 2013 with an objective to help everyone to be presentable, stylish and lively with our fashion accessories of premium quality and astonishing designs for independent,confident women, who believe that they can shape their own world. Last year we received great response from you guys. We won your hearts and build a relationship that will last for lifetime. We received great feedback about the quality and designs. This whole thing inspires us to open an online studio to make transactions easy for everyone, but still our objective is the same to make available authentic, handpicked jewelleries and accessories easily to everyone. We first analyses the trends and provide modern, unique and affordable solutions to our customers. We respect the integrity of our stakeholders and ensure that they get the value of their money and time. We spread the confidence and energy to clientele through our products.We exist to make our customer stylish, put together, confident and fashion-right. We are really enthralling with your response, we promise you the quality and graceful designs. Our collections are spectaculars display of beauty, color, grace, and charm found virtually nowhere else.



Now it is time for some technicalities.

Pi Haat the word is created by adding prefix ‘Pi’ before Haat. This 'Pi' is ‘π’. It is a Greek word which has meaning ‘Kernel’ and ‘Core’. Haat is rural Indian word used for weekly market.

Our Philosophies

We are simple people with simple philosophy. We believe that values shapes our life. Our philosophies are:

  • Honesty is the best policy. We will always do right things in a right way.
  • Identify and Quick Response to change in fashion and business trends.
  • Our everything starts with ‘You’, ‘Happy You’ is the key of our success.
  • Quality in products and processes to increase the customer satisfaction.

Tag Line

Our tag line is “Wear Your Own Fashion”. We here at Pi Haat believes that every single person is different. Everyone has their own forte and flaws. Copying style never works good.

Be your own stylist. Wear what you like. Wear what you think is comfortable.